The premier on-line source of CT Shorting Blocks and Fused Terminal blocks for metering and relaying requirements.
Schneider Electric (formerly PowerLogic)
Enterprise energy management systems using web-enabled ION® software and metering devices.
Schneider Electric Energy Services
In an on-going effort to drive down energy costs and improve efficiency, Schneider Canada has introduced new services including motor and drive audits and power factor correction analysis. The Energy Action Audit is a one-day on-site walk through audit of your facility that provides a benchmark of the energy performance of major energy equipment. A report identifying major energy management and savings opportunities is provided as the audit deliverable.
Sensing and detection devices which provide real-time moitoring of faulted circuits, load logging and analysis.
Radian Research, Inc
Industry leader in North America for watthour reference standards, watthour meter test accessories and automated laboratory calibration systems.
Accuracy and efficiency are the cornerstones for any successful meter shop or production facility. Watthour Engineering offers a line of meter testing hardware and software products that combine twenty-five years of meter testing experience and customer dedication with the insight into today’s technologies to bring you industry leading test solutions. Visit their website.