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Ontario News

First Cap and Trade Auction - Ontario held its first Cap and Trade Program Auction of Greenhouse Gas Allowances on March 22. Of the 47 qualified bidders, approximately half were members of the energy industry. See Gowlings

Storage Albatross - OPG will submit additional information on alternate sites for a proposed deep geologic repository for nuclear waste by May 26. See Blackburn and Chatham In a related story, OPG is seeking the renewal of its Pickering Waste Management Facility's licence until 2028 See DurhamRegion

Rate Reduction - The Regulated Price Plan released by the OEB on April 20 includes a portion of the 25% reduction promised by the provincial Liberals as part of their Fair Hydro Plan. See Ontario

$12 Million returned - To improve on its customer service, Hydro One has announced more changes to its customer-facing policies including eliminating residential security deposits. See Electricenergyonline and Global In a related story, Hydro One filed a Distribution Rate Application for 2018-2022 See TheSquare

Energy Storage - Residents in Goderich are protesting the merit of an energy storage demonstration project as it nears the final stages of local and environmental approvals. See Dailycommercial.

Hydro Project Online - In partnership with Coral Rapids Power, a company owned by the Taykwa Tagamou Nation, OPG has announced the completion of the Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station on New Post Creek. See CBC
Power House - Alectra with the support of the IESO has completed a feasibility study for mass adoption of the residential solar storage pilot, Power House, in Southern York Region. See IESO

Batteries for Gas - Metrolinx will build a battery energy storage system to provide supplementary power to the LRT instead of the gas-fired power plant that was slated for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT maintenance and storage facility in Toronto. See TheStar

Schneider Electric The Power of ION and the 7400

The demand for clean, reliable energy is increasing and that requires accuracy, precision, and performance in meters. See the PowerLogic ION7400 video on finding the right meter for feeder applications.ION7400

Driven by the power of ION technology, a PowerLogic meter transforms into a smarter, programmable solution that easily adapts across a business or operation. Learn how the ION building blocks help create solutions for any power system. See ION video

Basler Electric ES-55 Power Factor Relay

The latest addition to Basler Electric's line of ES Series Protection Relays is the ES-55 Power Factor Relay that protects synchronous motors from damage during increased loading or decreased excitation conditions. During these conditions, the motor can pull out of synchronization with its rotating field.

ES relays offer high-end features not typically found in a low-cost device to provide simple, yet sophisticated, protection for your applications. See Basler