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Save the Date: This year's PowerLogic User's Group (PLUG) Conference will be held October 19.

Ontario News

Hydro One Controversy - Costs at Hydro One are being cut in the 10s of millions of dollars since the provincial government started its partial privatization of the corporation according to its CEO. See Hamilton In a related story, in a malfeasance suit filed in December CUPE called Hydro One a "vital asset" the government has "no mandate" to sell. The lawyer for the Crown contends the government is entitled to sell it. See TheStar In another story, there is opposition across the province to Hydro One's requested rate increase. See CBC

One Step Closer - Federal authorities say they are satisfied OPG has provided the additional information they had asked for about the Deep Geological Depository. See Globe&Mail In a related story, OPG has received a 10-year extension of an operating licence for its Western Waste Management Facility. See Bayshore

First Link - The federal government has approved of the NEB's decision to issue a certificate for the Lake Erie Connector project that runs from Nanticoke in south western Ontario to a terminus near Erie, Pa. See Newswire

New Rules - A new regulation for net metering came into force on July 1. The most relevant aspect of the new rules is the elimination of limit size of 500 kW for solar and renewable energy power generators installed under the scheme. See pv-magazine and OEB

Northern Support - The province is providing support for large and industrial businesses in the north through the improved Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (NIER) program. See Ontario

Green Schools - Premier Wynne and Education Minister Mitzie Hunter announced that $200 million from the province's cap and trade program will go towards making schools in the province more energy efficient. See CBC

Battery Power - With its partners, Festival Hydro has announced the largest battery storage facility in Canada, marking the first step towards creating a micro-grid in Stratford. See Beacon

Pole Storage - Toronto Hydro is testing pole-mounted energy storage devices that can supplement electricity during peak hours in homes, in what it says is a world first. See TheStar

Schneider Electric Secure Deployment Lifecycle

As the threat of cyber security attacks and product exploitation in today's digital world increases, so does the customer's need for more secure products.

Schneider is taking the initiative to deploy Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) practices in our products and offerings. SDL is a development process that helps build more secure offerings and addresses security compliance requirements. See Schneider

Basler Electric ES-55 Power Factor Relay

The ES-55 Power Factor Relay protects synchronous motors from damage during increased loading or decreased excitation conditions. The ES-55 incorporates microprocessor-based technology and has enhanced functionality and improved performance over analog-based systems. In the unlikely event of an internal issue, the ES-55 provides internal diagnostics that annunciate when relay function or accuracy is compromised. See Baslerund in a low-cost device to provide simple, yet sophisticated, protection for your applications. See Basler